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I Went Down the Rabbit Hole… for a Great Beer

Once the playground of some of the greatest creative minds of the past century including Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, Jackson Pollock, Jimi Hendrix and more, MacDougal Street is now a place to grab cheap food and avoid (or pick up, depending on your level of desparation) NYU kids. Outside of… 

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The Strangest Thing I Ever Paid For: Escape the Room

Go to a random building in Midtown Manhattan. Gather with a group of complete strangers. Hand over all your possessions and agree to get locked in a room for one hour. Sounds like the beginnings of cult worship, a prison stint, or possibly, an orgy. Instead, it’s the newest weird… 

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Take Me Down to Chinatown: Old-School Karaoke, Cheap Drinks, and Dirty Dive Appeal at Winnie’s

Chinatown has more to offer than cheap handbags, happy endings and the smell of slowly spoiling fish. It also has Winnie’s, an excellent choice for anyone looking for a little weird to shake up their normal bar routine. Should you bring out-of-towners here? Negative. It just wouldn’t seem special after… 

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United Palace Theater: This Hidden Washington Heights Gem is as Good as Gold

I’ll admit I don’t travel to the northern part of Manhattan very often. I live downtown, work downtown and mostly entertain myself downtown (with a Broadway show thrown in every now and again). When you live in a city where you can find everything you want within a 10-block radius,… 

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